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Design and Marketing

Why do people give? 


The answers are as endless and unique as your donors.

But if you capture their attention and their heart – their support will follow. Your success is often based on the brand, and we must identify the right elements to impress, communicate and attract.  We can help design programs that accomplish this goal. We can also help you develop attractive and cost-effective marketing materials  that will stand out from your competitors.  


Whether it’s designing the right image and look, creating impact pieces and invitations, or developing a more complex social media strategy, we can help you identify objectives and understand where to place your resources and priorities.

Program Highlights:

  • Introducing public relation and marketing strategies to increase community prestige, attention and effective engagement with partners.

  • Conceiving meaningful recognition concepts that brand your organization and attract caring donors.

  • Developing creative marketing pieces, invitations and donor impact reports.

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