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Major Gifts & Campaigns


Do you want to attract special donors that can make a difference?


I will help create a sustainable major gift program that raises what your organization needs.   And I will develop strategies to attract prestigious leadership while positioning your organization as a powerful and worthwhile cause.


Everyone talks about Campaigns, but what exactly is a campaign? And are you ready? We can help review your current leadership, needs and goals and implement a fundraising campaign that works. We will help design a study or focus group to seek valuable feedback and discover hidden support.

We can help identify goals and coach you and your team through the stages of fundraising, from silent phase to breakthrough and leadership giving. All designed for your particular community and organization.


And if you aren’t ready for a traditional Campaign, we’ll tell you so.


Program Highlights:

  • Developing effective and sustainable major gift programs that raise millions.

  • Assisting with strategic positioning and the recruitment of prestigious leadership.

  • Launching effective fundraising campaigns which are customized to South Florida’s unique culture 

  • Designing a donor feasibility study to provide feedback and identify potential supporters.

  • Launching gift support groups that grow from only a few founding members to hundreds and potentially thousands.

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