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Create a New Foundation

Your agency’s board may be dedicated, but also mired in too many tasks and priorities.  Endless committees, operational and program needs, finance and other core functions – the responsibilities can be endless.  How do you focus and attract leaders who can raise the most money to your board? 


How do you recruit supporters who may be great at fundraising, but have little interest in the day to day operational issues overseen by your board?

How about organizing a dedicated Fundraising Foundation, which focuses your donor strategies while attracting board leadership focused on giving and getting. Your Foundation can be organized in a variety of unique ways, providing varying levels of control and independence – all structured to meet your unique needs and your board’s wishes.

We have years of expertise in creating successful affiliated foundations, including providing recommendations on the most effective legal structures and infrastructure.

Program Highlights:

  •  Creating an affiliated 501(c)3 fundraising Foundation which attracts top leadership and focuses on fundraising

  • Developing custom-designed fundraising bylaws, operational policies and board structures that attract significant leaders and donors


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