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An Affordable Coaching Program Designed To

Accelerate Your Fundraising Capacity

A C T S is a  systematic, coaching approach designed to pragmatically identify issues, prioritize resources and most importantly guide you through the necessary steps to break through your fundraising ceilings. 


Most consulting programs don’t really provide the one-on-one coaching necessary to work through and implement solutions. Together we will assess, then create and finally teach and support.  Our program is a short term affordable investment that leads to long term results.  It works! 


This is the most important step and the one most people just like you simply lack time, resources and frankly speaking, the objectivity to accomplish.   My third eye view asks the right questions to examine your fundraising programs, top to bottom, and reveals actionable strategies to prioritize resources. Together we will quickly identify where you are, where you want to go, and the steps to get you there.  The answers will help you work smarter not harder.

Create - Action Plan

 Every organization is unique and has different needs, priorities and as many ways to get there. Together we will develop a detailed, customized action plan to help you raise funds more efficiently and effectively.  You can expect your plan to yield increased fundraising results – at least 20% or more year after year. 


Your action plan will likely include:

  • Creation of a development plan and budget

  • Crafting of a more effective Case Statement and messaging

  • Operations, board and staffing re-alignment

  • Friendraising/stewardship plans that motivate

  • Step by step prospecting and cultivation plans

  • Improvement to database and operational systems

  • Event strategy review with a specific growth action plan

Teach - Fundraising

Fundraising is both an art and a science, and it takes years of proficiency to get it just right.  I provide personalized coaching and support for executive directors, development staff and board members to improve flat results and identify fundraising challenges.  We will quickly turn your obstacles into success, and use my proven experience and objective third eye to identify when to say “no”.  With the right elements in place, you can expect a stronger, more knowledgeable staff and a board that will feel confident and engaged. 


Sustain – Strategic Workshop with Board and/or Staff

Fundraising requires a team, and a team is not created without planning, engagement and yes: actual teamwork!  We will plan a one-day strategic retreat with specific follow-up objectives, tactics and timelines.  This is an opportunity to identify what you can do better, and what is needed to make it happen.  Whether you want a new development blueprint, or to increase engagement and honest dialogue, or to complete a SWOT analysis to pinpoint priorities, we will develop an achievable plan that increases your bandwidth and bottom line $$! 

Contact Us for a Complimentary Discussion of Your Needs and Goals.   

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