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Bounce Back Better

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Action Steps and a Prediction

It’s been a tough year and a maddening summer.  But hopefully we are past the middle of this crisis and nearer to the end.  

Do you remember what all the “experts” were saying about a vaccine when the pandemic first emerged in March?  Many of our most well-meaning scientists (and a lot of talking heads) were citing the mumps vaccine as a 4-year record-setting accomplishment - and predicting 2 + years for a Covid vaccine.  Does anyone still believe that’s an accurate timetable? 

So where are we now?


Let’s Get it Together

There’s plenty of reason to believe that a turnaround is coming. Obviously it won’t be overnight, but what we could use right now is a bit of optimism and grounding.

I have had the privilege of working with a few great non-profit groups this summer that kept moving forward, and I thought I’d share some action steps that you too can take now.


You Can Still do an Online Campaign

I am working with a fabulous group that had its annual spring walkathon damaged by the pandemic. There was no time to react properly at the time. But right now we’re working on a new online effort to reach all those annual supporters who were ready to give earlier in the year, and who still care.

The project is rapidly engaging the board, donors and staff in a team effort towards success.

It’s the fourth online campaign I’ve helped launch this summer, all successful.


Develop a Great Virtual Presentation

Asking for support should always be aided by a terrific presentation. The limited virtual world has made this even more critical – and you can make that a strength!  I’ve recently been helping develop a terrific multi-media campaign presentation for virtual use that includes 3-D renderings, emotional testimonials, and an interactive agenda. 

When this pandemic is over, this production will be transformed for use in person - but it is far more powerful than anything created by this organization in the past.


Have you updated your Case?

Sometimes it’s hard to stop and determine if your mission and objectives are in need of a refresh.  Don't you think some of your pre-Covid strategies might be greatly improved with fresh ideas?  I’ve helped one organization review its core case and discover new initiatives and innovative ways to re-address the mission and goals.   

Simple changes, big results.  Start by reading your own case and your own materials, and have others do the same.  You will probably be very surprised.


Clean Up Your Technology!

I find this is one of the most common areas of difficulty. A recent client hadn’t updated their systems and processes for years, and no one really knew what the pain points were. But it’s the perfect time to sit down and analyze software, protocols and new approaches. 

You may be paying way more than you should for outdated legacy systems. 

This may seem rather boring, but as I often explain to clients – you can’t be effective if your data and communications systems are slow, expensive and clunky!

You can do better.


Update Your Website

Websites easily get stale and out of date.  I recently reviewed a site that drove people to a page where visitors struggled to find a basic “Donate Now” page with a few boring, cliché choices.  Oh, and the board list was out of date, and the staff list was out of date, and the event page still listed old events, and . . . . . .   And what is the first thing people do nowadays when they want to learn about your organization?   You know the answer.   

This is a great time to update, and possibly, completely revamp.  And here’s a tip: if it’s hard and expensive to do, you have an out of date system.


All of the best minds around the world are working on treatments and vaccines, with an unlimited pocketbook to find solutions. Every day it seems more likely that we’ll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel by the end of the year, or maybe even sooner. Don’t believe me? Come on, let’s be optimistic and prepare. Why would you not?

There is going to be unprecedented demand, activity and relief as we all emerge from the biggest world-wide crisis any of us have ever experienced.  Astonishing as it may now seem, there will be parties and drinking and celebrating, along with a tremendous sense of gratitude and generosity.  

The world did not stop, and the need for progress, support and social entrepreneurship has not stopped either.

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