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Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021


So by this time, we’ve all realized that our crystal balls are broken. Every day brings a different hope, a new challenge, and utter uncertainty. So let’s consider what is it that we could be doing to succeed.

We all know that grassroots fundraising is highly dependent on events. Anyone can put an event together and raise money. Almost every good cause starts with an event.


Event Dependency

If there is one thing I hear over and over from my colleagues and their board members, it is “We are too dependent on events, next year we have to do something different”.  And then every year we run the same events and say “Wow, that was nice, but we really have to do something different -- next year”.

For decades, I have also heard the newly enlightened proclaim “Galas are dead, no one wants to wear black-tie, please not another fashion show, anything but another chicken luncheon”.   And yet next year there are more luncheons and galas than ever. We go from boots and jeans back to black-tie then back again.


Let's Face Reality

It's clear by now that our donors are really not going to be planning or joining group events this Fall, unless a miracle vaccine appears (and I haven’t given up hope that it will).

But maybe, just maybe, we can find a silver lining from this lousy pandemic.


What if this is the opportunity to finally force a transformation from event dependency to other more effective means of fundraising - methods that we all KNOW provide more revenue for less effort, if we could only finally get off the event treadmill!


Time to Jump

Maybe this time, we can finally take the plunge.  Oh, I’m not saying stop all events, or don’t try virtual events.  We know we still need operational income streams and relationships. 

But if you only do that, you’re probably going to be in deep trouble. And miss a great opportunity to change to a better way of doing things.


This is the ideal time to transform your priorities.


Broaden Your Fundraising

Major gifts, small friend raisers, membership groups, online campaigns, recognition systems, capital campaigns, board expansion and training, case development, legacy giving, moves management, feasibility analysis, strategic planning, risk, reward, and CHANGE! 

Event fundraising can be important, and their time will come again.  But there are many other ways to raise money and create more sustainable fundraising revenue and growth.


What more can I say?  It’s there for the taking. The time is now. Let’s make some lemonade from the lemons.

Hope I can help.



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