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It's Summer - Time to Get Ready!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021



From the desk of Rolando D. Rodriguez

President, Crosspoint Philanthropy


Summertime.  Vacation time and relaxation time. You earned it!

But summer is also when you can most easily add new ideas and kick off your Fall fundraising plans more effectively than ever.   


Consider just a few opportunities:

  • A one day strategic retreat with your staff only.

  • A board retreat where you consider your mission and objectives.

  • A one day SWOT retreat with staff and board.

  • An internal review of your most effective programs, and how to expand their value

  • Consideration of creative fundraising projects; investing for the future

  • Analysis of outcomes and objectives, with elimination of efforts with low ROI

  • Development of new messaging and communications, including materials

  • Review of your prospect or board recruitment pipeline

  • Improvement or expansion of your software and/or IT support systems

  • Review of your current event plans


Summer is the perfect time to get it done!


We specialize in guiding step by step processes that helps you recruit new board members, fuels growth and leads to a high return on your investment.  

Our work is based on proven techniques that work time and time again.  

Some areas of expertise include:

Engaging Your Board: Are your board members involved in fundraising? Do they enjoy helping you meet new prospects?  It’s easier than you think.

Major Gift Strategies: Do you spend enough time developing long-term gift strategies, or is most of your time spent on events and other one-time gifts?  Let’s change that.

Donor Pipeline Development: Would you like to implement techniques that identify leadership and significant individual gifts? Learn how Moves Management can quickly identify prospects.

Capital Campaigns: Does your board understand what a capital campaign really is and what it requires?  Much too often a board is led into a capital campaign way before they are ready - leading to a path to nowhere.

Grants:  Do you have a grants program that works?  Establishing a program is an essential component of sustainable fundraising.

Special Events:  Do your events grow slowly, through endless blood, sweat and tears!?  Learn how to achieve double-digit increases in revenue year after year.

Creating a Separate Foundation:  Many organizations create separate boards dedicated to fundraising.  Learn how and when this works best.

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