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In the Midst of the Crisis

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Let’s skip the theory: three examples of success

As we went into this mess of a pandemic, most non-profits were forced to shut down.  Essential programs stopped, and the fundraising that makes it all possible became a mystery.  A crisis within a crisis.

But humankind is endlessly innovative.  And the passion to make a difference is stronger than ever, as is so evident by those fighting right now for justice and equal treatment.  But without funding, there can be no mission.

The response to creating new fundraising momentum has swerved online at warp speed.


The Real Deals

Are you sick of webinars yet?  Let’s forget the theories. Let’s look instead at three recent online fundraising programs that I have been proud to help launch. 

Three different organizations, three missions, three caring boards, but each responded by reaching out to their supporters. 

And the result?


Well, just see for yourself!


The Friendship Circle of Miami

The Friendship Circle of Miami had long been preparing for their annual Walkathon dedicated to children with special needs. Planning for a March event had been going on for months, and then came a dead stop and uncertainty. Should we cancel? Do we reschedule for next year?   No way!

Instead an incredible group of staff, volunteers, families and board members rallied. The Walkathon went virtual with Walkathon masks and everyone walking on their own. It was fun! The Walk received more publicity and widespread support than ever before. And the result? A beautiful $177,587 to serve the kids.

Take a look at the walk here: Walking for Friendship.


The Breakthrough Collaborative

And how about the Breakthrough Collaborative, a remarkable organization with 24 national affiliates, including one in Miami, dedicated to launching hard-working but underfunded kids on their way to college.

Breakthrough’s first-time online effort not only raised funds for urgent student-relief programs and summer programming, but united their affiliates across the nation in a team effort like never before. New partnerships, innovation, excitement, a supercharged board, proud donors and $184,090 to help students achieve their dreams!

See The Breakthrough Impact Fund to learn more.


Give Back for Special Equestrians

And finally, there’s Give Back for Special Equestrians. This small but powerful, all-volunteer group had been working for years to help children and veterans, blending their love of horses with the therapeutic power of equine therapy. They too launched an online fundraising campaign, reached out to a comparatively small group of supporters and leveraged social media like never before. 

In only 5 weeks they’ve raised almost $28,000 and are well on their way to surpassing their $30,000 goal, with over 120 contributions.  New ideas have been born along the way. And believe me, they aren’t finished yet!

To see their new effort, click here SOS - Save our Stables.


Virtual fundraising will not replace one on one relationships, nor events, nor other proven methods that match human generosity to the mission. Philanthropy is reliant on social connectivity and the teamwork that helps drive sustainable growth. And all of it will be back. But for now, maintaining momentum is a must.  Online fundraising is a step along the way, and only one of many tools in the toolbox of philanthropy.


What will work for you?

In the midst of this mess, people are responding and continuing to make an impact on our world.  Passion is all around us.  We just need to channel it.

And to be clear, it's NOT all virtual.  The key is to be ahead of the curve.

To learn more or explore new ideas, just call.

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