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Proven Success With Grants


Do you find yourself behind in pursuing grant opportunities? Or not having time to research potential grantors for your programs?

Many organizations do not have the internal resources to handle grant work effectively. Opportunities are missed and funding is left on the table.

We can help!


Here are a few tips to increase

your chance of success.


Do you have a Case Statement for your organization?

Grantors are professionals and look at requests with an eye for data and overall credibility. Your case has to tie together what you have done in the past and what you intend to accomplish in the future. Your case is your initial grant template.

Have you created a simple budget that supports your request, and reveals a clear financial need?

The budget presents the numbers behind the words. It must show how a grantor's investment will be wisely used. Where's the gap? The clarity of the budget itself is a test – it must display credibility and show precisely how your grant request fits in.

Is your proposal easy to understand and credible, given your past track record?

Are you asking for current operations - or a new program? Be specific. If your request is clear and credible, your chance of success increases dramatically. Test your proposal on someone outside your agency. Eliminate internal jargon. If they can’t understand your plan, re-write until it is clear and impactful.

Have you done research to identify grantors?

There are endless ways to identify potential grantors. Shooting out grant requests blindly will undermine your credibility and is a waste of time. It’s like sending resumes out blindly and hoping to be hired. Instead, identify how the grantor’s focus matches your need. If it doesn't, don't apply!


Make Grants Happen!

Our fundraising services include grant research capabilities, writing, and assistance with reporting. We also provide guidance with new program development, helping you prepare and align a project plan for successful grant submissions. All at a reasonable and practical price.

Don't leave money on the table!

Set up a call or email me for a no-obligation discussion.

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