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When the World Stands Still

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

What should you do?

It’s a challenging time to raise funds. It seems like so long ago that things were fairly normal, doesn’t it?

But now you’ve lost revenue from events, your campaign is derailed, and everything you were planning has stopped.  And for many, even core priorities have changed.

But here’s the thing. This is a time where your role, and your organization’s mission, can stand out.  We can all make such a difference, now and in the future.


Get Back on Track

So just imagine getting yourself and your organization back on track. You know you need to do something to bring in money, but what?  Every organization is different but yet the same in so many important ways.


You just need a few essential elements:

An Engagement Strategy

A clear short-term strategy that keeps your donors engaged, AND raises needed funds.

An Updated Plan

A revised fundraising plan so you know what’s next and can stop shooting from the hip.

A Proven Program

Fundraising methods that have worked before, and will continue to raise money now and forever.

A Systematic Approach

Systems, tactics, and ideas to make your fundraising plans easier to execute in a new environment.


And of course, most of all, the implementation of actions that will inspire confidence from your board, supporters and mission clients.  

Waiting is not the best option, even when the world seems to stand still.


The Rules Remain the Same

Today, I’m helping non-profits navigate fundraising during a pandemic. The tactics must adapt to new realities, but the basic rules remain the same. 

Engage your donors, provide a clear path, show how they can make a difference now.


I've been in your shoes.

When will the recovery begin?  Hopefully (and probably) faster than we recently feared. Your mission will still be valid, the needs will still be important, and your constituents will need you more than ever.

I am ready to help you through this period of crisis, and beyond.

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