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Peer to Peer and Crowfunding Campaigns

In the non-profit world, Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding has become increasingly prevalent, and the names are often thrown around interchangeably.   Peer to peer campaigns are a tremendously useful strategy to engage your donors and create teams of fundraisers that multiply their impact.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a multi-tiered approach to crowdfunding. This means individuals can create personal fundraising pages for your cause’s behalf. This can feed revenue back to your organization as a whole, or to a specific campaign you’re running. Either way, the individual shares his or her page with friends, family and community members for donations (hence “peer-to-peer”).


Peer-to-peer fundraising is “multi-tier,” so an organization can empower its donors to create personal fundraising pages and raise money on its behalf. 

Rather than banking on instant mass appeal, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns build momentum by engaging and activating fundraisers, who then reach out to their own networks for support. 

Peer-to-peer presents a unique opportunity to have your supporter base help rally their networks around your cause. Your individual supporters ask their friends and family to donate to their personal fundraising page, allowing you to leverage the preexisting trust between the asker and asked to increase the credibility of your appeal. However, this also means your success relies directly on your fundraisers’ results.


You must provide the tools and education your fundraisers need for their personal success.

Let us help you create an effective peer to peer fundraising program that engages your supporters in raising funds for you online, in a fun and profitable way!

Our program includes:

  • Strategic guidance in conceiving and launching a plan of action

  • Helping you assess and select the most effective software platform for your particular size and goal

  • Guiding the development of your theme, messaging and outreach plan, in partnership with your team

  • Providing you with timelines and action steps which can be implemented through your existing resources

  • Helping you identify external resources that can provide marketing and PR support as needed

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