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Profitable Special Events

Events are time-consuming and can be costly, but they can produce needed income while attracting new donors.  We have a full-service event team ready to manage and implement your event, from concept to invitations and budget, to day-of implementation.   Whether it's a luncheon, a full-blown gala, or an auction, discover the most effective use of events to raise more money, attract donors, and feed all your growth objectives.

Our guiding philosophy is that events can bring in revenue, but their principle value is to engage, cultivate and attract high-value donors and leaders.  We only work with organizations that share this principle and/or are willing to learn how it should be best applied.


Do you have too few events? Too many? We will review your event strategies and processes and help you significantly and quickly increase your overall ROI.


Program Highlights:

  • Developing high-energy event concepts with trusted partners that implement unique and profitable events – on budget.

  • Designing programs that will help attract Corporate Giving and Sponsorship to your major events.

  • Implementing events from start to finish

  • Analyzing your current events to discover potential revenue you are leaving on the table.

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