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Jackson Health Foundation

In 1991, Rolando Rodriguez was recruited to launch the Jackson Health Foundation as Jackson Memorial Hospital’s private philanthropic arm. At the time, Jackson Memorial Hospital was universally perceived as a tax-supported public hospital, not worthy of private support.


Rolando was determined to change this image. Under his two decades of leadership, JMF grew into one of the most respected public hospital foundations in the country, leading various unique revenue and customer service programs to support operations.

As CEO, Rolando raised over $200 million in philanthropy, acquired over $70 million in grants, and brought in over $250 million in international patient revenue.​

Rolando is credited for re-positioning the hospital through the Foundation’s extensive community work and effective branding. JMF became famed for its top-tier board members and donors and its extraordinary support groups, most especially the Golden Angels. It's annual Golden Angel Gala, often lauded as the most prestigious social event in South Florida, brought together a diverse group of over 1000 business and social leaders to support new initiatives.


Rolando planned and supported the creation of critical community projects at the medical center, including Holtz Children’s Hospital, the Ryder Trauma Center, the Taylor Breast Health Center and much more. JMF also pioneered entirely new strategic initiatives at Jackson, including the launch of Jackson International, private patient suites, concierge and hospitality services, and the International Kids Fund. It also developed an extensive grants department responsible for all private, State and Federal grant acquisition and management.

Rolando’s leadership of JMF was instrumental to Jackson’s transformation into an international powerhouse with a reputation for excellence and heart.

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