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Will the summer of 2020 be hot in South Florida?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Ok, so that’s like asking will there be sand in the Sahara.  Of course it’s going to be hot!  But we already knew that.  What about fundraising?

It will be even hotter.


Virtual Webinar of the Day

By now you have probably seen every webinar on earth promoting fundraising during, after and in-between the pandemic.  

A virtual walk, a virtual P2P, a virtual auction, a virtual contest, a virtual concert, a virtual happy hour, a virtual swim, it’s virtually endless!


We live in a caring community.  Generous people want to be involved, and still want to help. 

But this summer, virtual will be only the beginning!


A Quick Trip to the North Pole

There's an important opportunity in South Florida. Do you know anyone leaving town this summer? Plans to go to Europe? South America?

China anyone?

Probably not.  We can safely assume that there will be more people staying close to home this summer than ever before. Trips will be shorter, and closer.  And no one is suffering from SgBs (Spring Gala Burnout Syndrome).


Do not sit on the sidelines!

When will supporters attend events ? (don't know)

Can you plan a campaign? (yes!)

Can you expand your board? (yes!)

Can you raise funds right now? (yes!)


In the past two months, I've helped clients launch campaigns, supported virtual events raising over $300,000, and helped raise over $2.5 million total. Yes, in the middle of the pandemic!

I hope you are in discussions right now (virtually of course) to consider proactive and creative plans to keep everyone moving. 

Set up a call to explore ideas and prepare your next steps.  You may be shocked at what is possible.

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